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Certified Gateway Dreaming Practitioners have tons of tips on getting better sleep and using your dream time.



    • LuAnn Cibik My Tip... Keep a special journal next to your bed, just for recording your dreams. It can be a preformatted notebook, or simple blank pages. The important thing is having it there, and setting the intention each night that you will use it. (And keep a pen handy too, maybe one that lights up in the dark!)


    • Michelle Arpin My tip...Take your time getting up. Stay in the position that you are in on waking and ask yourself "What was I dreaming just now?". If some dream material comes to mind, review it visually and make a "note" with your finger tips on the bed's surface, just counting how many key words you want to reap from the dream when you get up shortly. Go to your journal before the dream fades completely and start by jotting down those key words, then fill out the details of the dream. Also, Plan to remember them. Write the following day's date at the top of the next page in your dream journal as a way of telling your unconscious mind that recording your dreams is really important to you.
    • Patti Allen Make sure you are getting enough of the B vitamins especially B6 (check with your healthcare professional). According to naturopathic doctors, lack of dream recall can point to a deficiency in that area.
    • Patti Allen Three tips: Do your programming (asking for guidance or an answer to a question) on a night when you will have enough time the next morning to write down your dream. Don't ask for "yes/no" dream answers. And work out the meaning of the dream, independent of your question from the night before and once you've got the message, then go back to your question and see what you learn.
    • Michelle Arpin Program your gemstones for specific types of dreams and slip one under your pillow at night: some choices are moonstone to improve dream recall, citrine for healing dreams, and tiger eye for intuition.


    • Barbara Woolschlager Horgan Relax, get centered and be thankful for any insight or messages your dreams will bring. Hold onto that feeling of gratitude as you fall asleep repeating over and over "tonight I remember my dreams."
    • Hilde Sofie Hanssen Hold the intention and expect you will get answers! I find it very useful to be clear and come up with a specific dream programming sentence. For instance: tonight I will understand my fear of commitment and learn how to turn it all around and live from my heart. Dear dreams help me understand my fear of heights! Tonight I learn new ways of bringing more Joy info my life! Repeat the sentence over and over again as you fall asleep. Clear and defined statements will give you clear answers :)
    • Kirsten Lesar Bridge Write your intention down on paper by your bed before you go to sleep. "I ask my guides, angels and all spirits with interest in my highest good to heal me in my sleep tonight" And IMAGINE yourself healed from issue on your mind BEFORE you fall asleep. Let your dreams do the work. In the morning or during the night, write down what you remember and notice how you feel in the morning? How does the issue feel. BELIEVE in your Soul's ability to heal in the night.



    • Kirsten Lesar Bridge Dream Meanings. If you struggle to understand a dream's meaning, consider that there could be more than one way to view your dream- and more than one meaning. Ask a friend what the dream would mean to them (but keeping the dream as your own) in effort to separate from your dream and consider what the message is from your soul. Or, if you knew what the dream meant, what could it be? Consider yourself a mythology writer... and imagine what your dream symbols could mean. enJOY.
    • Bridget Bourne: Create a dream dictionary with your own dream vocabulary. For instance,  for me personally, when I see a bunny I know it (usually) represents a friend of mine who's Chinese Zodiac is the rabbit. This helps when I'm deciphering my dreams, particularly recurring dreams or themes. 

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