You are a dreamer.... a shaman.... a healer ....a mystic ....a time traveler.... a psychic.... You are a Dreamer...... Step into your Power






LuAnn Cibik

Inner Harmony


Hi! My name is LuAnn Cibik,  and I'm delighted to connect with you here on the internet.  Perhaps, we will even connect via our dreams!


I have always loved to dream... and at a young age I was a lucid dreamer and astral traveler ( although I didn't even know what that meant, I just knew that in dream time, I could do anything and go anywhere)


When I got the opportunity to study about dreams, I loved interpreting the signs and messages that I would receive that added clarity and insight into my daily life. Of course, while I was working my 'corporate job', there where many times that my interest in dreams took a backseat, and for many years I didn't work with my dreamtime in an active way.

In 1998, I began to study feng shui, and eventually became an Interior Alignment feng shui consultant and and then Master Educator through Denise Linn.  I knew that my corporate job was not fulfilling and took the leap into creating my own holistic business to assist people in finding Inner Harmony!

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I continue to study and learn.

I have been a Certified Soul Coach since 2003, and have worked with people all over the world in this unique coaching process that allows you to find and live your dream. I am also a  Teacher of Essential Space Clearing and Medicine Wheel Feng Shui , and a Soul Coaching Oracle Card Reader.

Each of these services offers a way of assisting other people to dream and create beautiful energy in their lives as well.

I love to create art and jewelry, and use this love in my Sacred Circles Jewelry line, that incorporates intention, feng shui and shiny things. 

My office and home are based at Inner Strength, Health and Wellness Center, a sweet place in rural Pennsylvania (near Pittsburgh) that my husband and I own and operate. My husband, Ted, is a doctor of Chinese Medical QiGong, and our center offers everything from treatment of chronic pain to martial arts classes.

When I teach, I have traveled the world. And I have had the blessing of connecting with many clients and students through the internet.


I offer many services through my Dream Coaching, such as feng shui recommendations, soul journeys, space clearing to create a sacred dream space, card reading to unlock and unblock your dream ability and much more.

My goal is to assist you in finding more joy and meaning in your life, and using your dream time is a part of that! I offer coaching through phone, Skype or email. It's always customized to exactly what you need most in your life right now.

I also offer group courses via the internet that step by step have you gain more ability to 'Live the Life of your Dreams!'.  Please see the Event calendar on this site, or my website for more details on the next course!

Sweet Dreams!!




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