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You are a dreamer.... a shaman.... a healer ....a mystic ....a time traveler.... a psychic.... You are a Dreamer...... Step into your Power


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In ancient times,

the survival of the tribe or clan often depended upon the dreamers who could journey through the  


Dream Gates of Perception

to bring back wisdom that would ensure the survival of the people......


In those ancient times,

dreamers gained valuable insights during the night hours that helped their people survive and thrive the physical hardships of life.  


Times have changed,

and most of the challenges that face us today aren't about physical survival, but they are in regard to our emotional and spiritual well-being.


your dreams do more than entertain you while sleeping.


Your dreams are delivering messages to help you to


make decisions, find solutions to problems, connect with loved ones

or uncover secrets about your health.


You spend 1/3 of your life in the land of  D R E A M S

How do you step into your power as a

Gateway Dreamer?


Remembering your dreams can be the first step to unlocking the secrets to this hidden realm.




Gateway Dreaming™ Practitioners  have been trained to assist you to:

  • Remember your dreams

  • Interpret YOUR dreams

  • Control your dreams through lucid dreaming

  • Become an astral traveler

  • Nighttime healer

  • and so much more!


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Gateway Dreaming coaches assist people in person, in groups,

and via distance coaching on the internet and phone.

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