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Thank you for moving into the realm of assisting others use their dreamtime in a professional way.



If you have completed all the requirements in the Gateway Dreaming program, and have received your certification from Denise Linn, please Register yourself below, giving permission to list your name, location, and contact information on the Gateway Dreaming Coaches Page. This will appear on the lower part of the page with all coaches in order alphabetically by last name.



Webmaster and Gateway Dreaming Coach

LuAnn Cibik



FEATURED LISTING: $75 per year

IF you would like to have a Shining Star Featured Coach listing and the opportunity to list your workshops and events on the Gateway Dreaming Event Calendar, then you may wish to purchase a Featured GDP Listing. 

This listing is only $75 per year, and links to your website, as well as your email and any other contact information your wish to give.

This also gives you Shining Star Membership to The Linn Academy, with bonus content to promote your business and learn more about coaching, feng shui and space clearing.

Shining Star membership $75


ONE PAGE WEB: $225 per year

If you would also like a large presence, I'm offering a One Page Website on the Gateway Dreaming site, where people can read even more about you. This can be great for those who don't have a website of their own, or who do have a website, but feel that adding more about their Gateway Dreaming work may not be appropriate on their site.  It can also be a way to direct more traffic to your existing website, through linking to your site, as well as sharing about other services or talent you have have.


This one page website has an unlimited amount of text and 5 pictures that you can include. This one page site is $225 and this includes your Featured Shining Star Listing as a part of the this price. Here's an example

For details, contact LuAnn at



Changes to Shining Star listings:

Changes to the paid listings can be made at any time with a small fee of $20 per submission. Just use the same submission form and then choose the 'Changes' payment option!


All Shining Star listings include:




Access to listing your information on the Gateway Dreaming Calendar of events


Submission of the tips and articles to the

Dreaming Tips page with a link to your website or email.





Just Email me at with your event information or the dreaming tip you wish to share. As The Linn Academy site grows we will also be sharing your events and tips with your peers in that community.




w w w .  g a t e w a y  d r e a m i n g . c o m