You are a dreamer.... a shaman.... a healer ....a mystic ....a time traveler.... a psychic.... You are a Dreamer...... Step into your Power


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Gateway Dreaming Coaches

have been trained and certified

by Dream expert,


Denise Linn,


to assist their clients

step into the role of a power dreamer,

one who remembers and uses their ability

to pass through the gateway of the physical realm and into the astral land of dreams.



When you work with a Gateway Dreaming Coach,

          You have to opportunity to:

* Learn what dreams are (from the viewpoints of scientists, psychologists, shamans, and mystics).

* Understand how to recall dreams.

* Discover what you can use to aid the dream state, such as special stones, essential oils, herbs, bells, and symbols.

* Learn feng shui and space-clearing secrets to promote dreaming.

* Develop the skill of astral travel and lucid dreaming.

* Use dreams to connect with your angels, animal totems, and master guides.

* Connect with loved ones who have passed on.

* Have prophetic dreams and know if your dream is a true "seeing."

* Gain mystical messages.

* Activate special talents and abilities.

* Use your dreams to overcome fears and phobias.

* Activate your Dream Shield and meet your Dream Guide.

* Learn sacred dream ceremonies.

* Learn the most common dreams and their meanings.

* Bell clearing techniques for deepening dreams.

* Become a night healer.


You spend 1/3 of your life in the land of  D R E A M S


Gateway Dreaming coaches assist people in person, in groups, and via distance coaching on the internet and phone.


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